Asset Management

The principals of Steel Bridge Realty have over twenty-five years of experience in buying, managing and maintaining commercial real estate properties. Much of that time was spent helping to build a real estate portfolio that now exceeds four million square feet of property.

We believe this past success has laid the foundation to help our current clients approach real estate investing as a vehicle for long term asset growth and wealth building. In fact, it is our belief that we have the knowledge, experience and historical perspective to help our clients succeed, even when others are not. Further, we believe our past success will help insure the future success of the clients and tenants we serve, which when it comes down to it is the only way for our company to succeed as well. You see, we know that every transaction we’re involved in has long-term consequences, so we approach each with the knowledge that the development of a long-term relationship maximizes our clients’ financial success as well as our own.

We believe our comprehensive approach to asset management functions best when we are able to offer our clients a full range of services, however we are also able to offer the following services individually:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Long-term investment planning
  • Cash flow analysis, pro forma analysis and financial modeling
  • Due diligence

Asset Allocation

Using our comprehensive asset analysis we assess each property and portfolio with the knowledge that every client has a unique set of investment goals for its real estate assets. After reviewing the property, we then use our knowledge of property ownership, construction, real estate finance and general market knowledge to craft a solution that best meets your investment goals. We also pride ourselves on being a valuable resource for our clients in understanding current market trends in asset pricing, lease rates and mortgage availability.

We believe this tailored approach is the only way to help our clients’ make the proper decisions in meeting their investment goals and objectives, and increase their personal wealth. We further believe this method will ensure that your real estate investment reflects who you are as an investor.

Other Consulting Services

Pro forma Financial Analysis/ Due Diligence Analysis

In 25 years we have completed hundreds of pro forma statements and financial analyses on a wide range of commercial properties. Through these multiple evaluations we have developed an expertise for spotting problems and opportunities that are hard to discern from a cursory inspection.  We can use this expertise to assist you in evaluating an investment opportunity from every perspective, and help you answer these important questions:

  • What are current lease rates and what is the maximum income potential for the property?
  • Are current property expenses accurate, and can they be reduced?
  • What’s the best plan for management and maintenance on an ongoing basis?
  • What capital improvements to the property are most cost effective?
  • What improvements will maximize long term return on investment?
  • Can the property be repositioned for higher returns?
  • What is the property’s highest and best use?

These are just a few of the many questions to be answered during the property evaluation/ due diligence process, and you can be assured that our wide ranging knowledge will help you answer them all.