Working with Steel Bridge Realty provides you with a full range of resources calculated to help you to take full advantage of every real estate opportunity, these resources include:

  1. Access to local, regional and national listing services.
  2. Rent surveys designed to your specifications.
  3. Demographic information for various Portland neighborhoods.
  4. Real Estate articles and research reports.
  5. A quarterly newsletter to keep you informed about the local market.

Whether you are attempting to secure a location in which to operate your business or build an investment portfolio it is critical to have up to date and pertinent information. One of the ways we are best able to provide you with timely information about the local real estate market is through our quarterly newsletter. In each newsletter you will receive the following valuable information:

  • Local and national real estate news and research
  • Updates on local sales and leases
  • Exclusive first look at new listings
  • Survey of current lease rates for Eastside neighborhoods
  • Investment and management advice to better maximize your returns